Our Services

  • Artist Management

    Artist Management

    We specialise in all aspects of artist management and provide a personal tailored service to each individual client.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    We excel at helping artists cultivate & grow their online audience focused on end goal performance.

  • Digital Advertising

    Digital Advertising

    We are highly experienced in using all online advertising platforms to drive sales and increase brand awareness across targeted audiences.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    We support our clients to deliver new projects through effective management; on time, and on budget.

  • Online Presence

    Online Presence

    We provide a modern approach to web development to improve your web presence using optimisation, social media and digital advertising.

  • Music Distribution

    Music Distribution

    We provide music distribution to all major online retailers and streaming services.

  • Event Booking

    Event Booking

    We offer a fully bespoke event booking service to our clients for the festival circuit to headline tours.

  • Press Releases

    Press Releases

    An up to date professional press kit is important to showcase your single, album or EP to labels, brand partners and radio.

  • Radio Promotion

    Radio Promotion

    We will plug and promote your music by sending to verified radio stations and press contacts worldwide.

  • Music Production

    Music Production

    We offer support in all aspects of music production from song-writing, musicians, studio time and producing.

Chords Music Management

We are Chords Music Management; a unique combination of experience within the music industry, management and personal relations which looks to offer a bespoke service to rising musicians.

We have knowledge and insight into a vast array of elements which are imperative to the scene and industry; including Social Media, Digital Advertising, Online Presence, Event Booking and Radio Promotion.

We endeavour to incorporate all aspects of artist management and development using a personalised service individual to each client. You are unique; so is your music.

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Matt Haworth


Matt has more than 20 years experience in marketing; specialising in brand building, web design, social media and digital advertising. He wasn't particularly academic but has progressed his career with hard work and the ability to learn quickly. He founded an online media company in 2004 and has built a number of successful brands and invested in a large portfolio of online assets.

His love of music dates back to a very young age, to the days of vinyl and cassettes, and covers a wide range of genres. His current focus is on Country music having started the online radio station CountryRadio.uk in 2018.

Matt has attended around 100 gigs in recent years and even put on his own concert to support the radio station; which featured Katy Hurt, Holloway Road and Laura Oakes.

He is excited to work more closely with the extraordinary musical talent this country has to offer, and from around the world, and to help them achieve the success they deserve.

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Jessica Taylor


Jessica has been performing since she was 8 years old, and has done the rounds of pubs, clubs, and care homes over the years. She specialises in using her music to support charity events and has helped to raise thousands for Barts Hearts, Mental Health Charities and many more.
She has worked alongside musicians from all walks of life and has travelled the globe hosting karaoke and live music nights. She has performed with two of her own bands and gigged across the country.

Jessica has a BA Hons in English Literature and Creative Writing and is a lyricist. She has an in-depth knowledge and level of experience in travel, gigs, the music industry and as a performer and radio presenter, Jessica understands the musician and the creativity, love, work and soul that goes into producing music.

She has always loved Country music, and has been brought up on its magic. Whilst working with CountryRadio.uk, she's had the opportunity to work directly with performers, studios, and management teams in order to get the music heard and the artist noticed.

Jessica is bubbly, honest, passionate and empathetic and loves working with people; her goal is to help the artist make the best of their gifts and to provide a trusted and supportive management team.

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Our Artists

Tommy Taylor

Tommy Taylor

Neat and straight up! That's how best to experience the raw sound of Tommy Taylor.
Coming from a touring UK band background, the North Yorkshire songwriter brings a fresh and exciting edge to the country genre inspired in part by his time as a DJ on the 90s hip hop scene.
With a BA degree in Sound for Film Composition, Tommy Taylor has a keen eye for visuals, something he is able to communicate through his musical stories but also in his live shows.
With his band he rides the more Southern Rock/Americana roads travelled by Blackberry Smoke, Whiskey Myers and Skynyrd.
But it's as a solo singer-songwriter, drawing inspiration from a wide source including Springsteen, Dylan, Billy Bragg, Cash, Seger and Fogerty, where Tommy Taylor is establishing himself as one of the most original and authentic artists on the UK country scene today and a man with big ambition to open up the harder side of the scene with his outlaw band and that rock n roll edge.

Popcorn is Tommy's only release to date and debuted at number 1 showing that Tommy is on the right track and gaining fans fast.
Popcorn iTunes Number One Popcorn; inspired by the notorious moonshiner popcorn Sutton was recorded in Lockdown, whilst Tommy couldn't get to his guitars or recording gear the project was recorded on minimal equipment. A true authentic and raw release where even the vocals were done through a makeshift pop shield made from tights, and a cardboard box.

Tommy owns and runs an Americana bar and eatery and live music venue where he brings his love of music, food and a good time. He champions the local unsigned acts on the scene, and is there to give them a hand on their journey also.

In Tommy's words...
"I live, breathe and bleed the stuff I write about. It is my whole life; the whole southern lifestyle, family, music, the food living your life to the fullest is who I am"

"Working with Chords is a dream come true, and I feel truly blessed they see my vision. They have the same vision too and that's rare; call it fate or whatever but this is meant to be.
We do things differently here, that's how we like it
Strap in let's do this."

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